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The Parish Council

Parish Councillors

Position Name PC Responsibility
Chairman Mr Ian Johnsey Village Maintenance
Flood Team
Vice Chairman Mr Bill Tempest Planning
Councillors Graham Wilcox Village Organisations and Open Space
Mr Noel Davis Neighbourhood Plan
Mr Anthony Hodges Village Maintainance
Flood Team
Mr Mike Hillier Traffic and Speed Control
Mr Malcolm Englishby Public Communications
Clerk Mrs Debbie Woodliffe
RFO Mr John Cummings

Elections are held every 4th year for the 7 councillors, who select a chairman and vice-chairman. The Parish Council has the power to co-opt members when necessary, and employs a clerk on a minimal salary. It sets the annual precept, discusses all planning applications and is responsible generally for pedestrian lighting, grass cutting, and the Marston Sicca Newsletter.

The Council meets in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm on the third Monday of the months of January, April,July, November plus the Annual General Meeting in May. You are encouraged to attend and members of the public have the opportunity to voice their opinions before the council meeting commences.

For standard Agendas please click on the appropriate link:

Parish Council Meetings

Planning Meetings

Parish Council AGM

For Year End Accounts and List of Fixed Assets - please refer to appropriate documents on March Minutes

District Councillor Peter Barnes tel 01789 750837


County Councillor Mike Brain 01789 720728, Mobile 07980 308668

email: or

For information on Community Infrastructure Levy which will replace 106 Agreements in the future click on Parish and Partners to access an explanatory document.

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